Thursday, August 6, 2009

Update #1 on my Pregnancy

Well, obviously, I'm expecting.

I've had 2 sonograms, my last one being on The 24th of July. He/She looks perfects. I had to have some genetic testing done to see if I have a chromosome disorder called "Robert Sonian Translocation" that my aunt has. After testing I found out that, thankfully, I do not have it. I also had a "Trans-Nuclei Fold" test done and the baby is perfect. So good, so far. :)

At first I wanted nothing more than to have a boy. However now, I dont care whether its a boy or girl, I just want them to be happy, healthy, and perfect.

I will be updating this after every doctors appointment.

Monday, March 9, 2009


I don't really consider my job "work". I'm a substitute teacher for Irving I.S.D. meaning I can sub at any elementary or middle school in the district. Although I want to be a high school teacher i can not sub there yet because I'm 18 years old...high schoolers are my age if not older...would you take authority from somebody your age? I think not.

So as many have heard before, I originally wanted to be a bilingual kindergarten teacher... however after substituting several of those classes I soon decided that was not for me. I understand that subbing and actually teaching and having your own class is VERY different..however i have slowly learned my level of patience for short people who can barely go to the bathroom by themselves and write their names is not something I'm up for.

When it comes to subbing- the older- the better. But I have to be honest 7th graders get on my everlasting nerve. I don't know how they manage to be so off the walls. 6th graders are still in their awkward stage were they are still scared to get out of line and follow all the rules all the way to tucking in their shirts and are never late to class. 8th graders are mature enough to know its not cool to act like little kids and like to do their own thing and dont need alot of instruction. But when you get to 7th graders they act like 4 year olds on steroids! its gotten to were I don't even want to have kids anymore because they will eventually be in the 7th grade.

Today I get to my class... 1st period- 31 kids...all in the 7th grade in my SHOULD be 8th grade class.

I nearly cried.

This is the end of my rant.

Avoid 7th grade at all costs.

I hope everybody is doing fantastically.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

1st Time

Another site to keep track of a password for. Along with Myspace, Facebook, and all the other sites hopefully this will be a little less drama filled and more relaxing.